Wireless 1 Point Control
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Wireless 1 Point Control

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  • Item #: M37029-2
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Wireless Control for your 1 Point or Slave leg jacks. Convert your standard grey box control to a Wireless Key Fob! There are secondary controls on the receiver itself inside the tank assembly if the Key Fob is misplaced or damaged. This is the 3rd generation device. The remote comes "sync'd" to the receiver so you will be ready to go. There is an on/off button on both the Key Fob and the receiver and an automatic 3 minute timeout to save battery life. If you lose your key fob just call and order a replacement.

*If you are looking to replace an older Generation device(Fob or Receiver), you will need to purchase both the 3rd Gen. Fob and Receiver.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
(1st & 2nd Gen Fob's are pictured below)

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