Universal Tongue Jack 8k-lb QT16
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Universal Tongue Jack 8k-lb QT16

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  • Item #: QT8K-16
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Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack for Bumper Pull Trailers

Our newly designed Hydraulic Tongue Jack is equipped with a 1 1/2" rod and 8,000 lb lifting capacity!

This jack takes all the work out of cranking your old manual trailer jack. 

This 12 Volt Hydraulic System is powerful and rugged enough for most applications. 

The 8k Tongue Jack is designed to fit any standard trailer tongue jack opening. 

A 12 Volt battery source is required for all jacks. 

There is a toggle switch mounted directly to the back of the tank assembly for ease of operation. 

To upgrade to a Manual Override feel free to give us a call! 1-800-752-9815

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