Quad Auto Leveling Bumper Pull
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Quad Auto Leveling Bumper Pull

Price: $3,515.00
  • Item #: QEFA-TT
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The ultimate automatic leveling system for bumper pull travel trailers!

With this system, you can use our front cylinders to connect and disconnect the trailer!

Front cylinders to be mounted on the exposed A-frame (see pic) and have 18" of travel.

Rear cylinders to be mounted just behind the rear axles. 

This is a four cylinder system, six cylinders systems available, just call!

Each cylinder gets its own hydraulic power unit for smooth, fast operation and durabiltiy you can only get from a Bigfoot system.

Typical frame height for this system to fit properly would be 27-30" from the ground to the bottom of floor or top of frame.

For 30-35" frames, call and order our QEFA-2418 system (same price and operation, just longer cylnders).

This system comes with a LIFETIME cylinder warranty, each cylinder is made at our facility in Michigan.

Each marine grade power unit will not take up any storage space and can be mounted underneath with the cylinders.

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