Manual Leveling Bumper Pull Travel Trailer
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Manual Leveling Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

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This leveling system puts you in control! 

The user can extend all four cylinders simultaneously, individually or in pairs giving total control of the system. 

Equipped with four american made complete hydraulic power units, one for each of our michigan made cylinders makes a very reliable, smooth and fast operating leveling system that will last for years to come.

Application: Bumper pull travel trailers. Bottom of floor height near axles should be 25-30" from the ground for this kit, if yours is taller call as we have many options. Front cylinders are recommended on the exposed A-frame of the trailer and rear cylinders just behind the rear axle.

This system is designed for the use of your tongue jack to be used to connect/disconnect the trailer. For when the RETRACT button is pressed on the controller, all four cylinders will completely retract setting the trailer down on the tongue jack.


Four 8k-lb to 12k-lb double acting hydraulic cylinders (power up/power down).

Four complete marine grade power units

Four 100 square inch pivoting footpads

Manual leveling control with invidiual LED cylinder retract indicators, emergency retract override, ignition alarm and more!

Battery cable, mounting brackets (weld or bolt), generic hydrualic lines, hardware, etc.

All you typically need to install is some ATF, or call us to schedule an installation for as low as $300 at our facility.

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