EZ Flip 4 Point System (QEZ-9F)
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EZ Flip 4 Point System (QEZ-9F)

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SPRING SALE, System normally $2,195, now $1,395 for a limited time only!

Our EZ Flip System incorporates our EZ Manual System with the Fastway Flip, a mechanism that flips and locks in both the retracted & extended position for increased ground clearance on most travel trailers.

This system comes with the EZ Wireless Control, 4 jacks & one EZ Tank Assembly, 12' & 14' hoses (call and order longer/shorter hoses).

This kit includes the QEI-9's with 3x7 Weld-on Mounting Brackets.

Different brackets are available, just call to order the system over the phone if you need different mounting brackets.


Check frame height! Measure from the ground (on level surface) to the bottom of the floor along the frame (as high as the cylinder could go). Measure this for both jack locations, typically near the front of the trailer and behind the rear axle(s). If this measurement is between 24"-30" this part number should work (as long as there is room on the frame for the cylinders). If this measurement is less than 24" this will NOT work on your trailer. If the measurement is 30" or greater, you can use part #QEZ-12F for longer cylinders up to a 35" frame height.




The "Flip" mechanism is only rated for 1,500 lbs. per foot according to the manufacturer.

NOTE: Flip systems are designed for trailers with a total weight of under 7,000 lbs

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