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    SQI-24 Inner Cylinder Two SnapPads for Bigfoot 7" Feet Quad Pump Auto Leveling Controls
    SQI-24 Inner CylinderTwo SnapPads for Bigfoot 7" FeetQuad Pump Auto Leveling Controls
    SQI-24 Inner Cylinder (New Style) This is the inner cylinder only that goes inside the standard landing gear of our 2018 and newer square legs (SQI-24). Cylinder Specs: 12,000 lb lift capacity, 2.88" outer cylinder diameter, 1.5" shaft diameter,...

    "Put some Bigshoes on your Bigfoot!" Snaps onto the Bigfoot 7" octagonal footpad creating a larger surface area, softer compound for ground contact, and increased lift height! This contains TWO SnapPads for TWO footpads. Features: For 7”...

    Panel & Sensor Combo for Automatic Systems Includes everything you need to convert from the old style automatic system to the current version. The leveling sensor in this kit is part #M37054 "Class C Leveler" model #14671-A...




    Tank Assembly Wireless 1 Point Control 2 Point Weather Resistant Control Box
    Tank AssemblyWireless 1 Point Control2 Point Weather Resistant Control Box

    This is the standard tank assembly (power unit) for all bigfoot series systems (non EZ). This will work on landing gear jacks as well. Assembly includes: pump, motor, reservoir, fill plug, solenoids & tank bracket.

    Wireless Control for your 1 Point or Slave leg jacks. Convert your standard grey box control to a Wireless Key Fob! There are secondary controls on the receiver itself inside the tank assembly if the Key Fob is misplaced or damaged. This is the 3...This is the Standard Conrol box for the 2 Point Systems.... This Weather Resistant Box (Rated IP65) includes a momentary toggle switch, long wire harness and a lock & key safety mechanism (with two keys). Installation is simple, connecting a few wires to each tank assembly.




    1 Point Weather Resistant Control Box EZ Valve/Coil Combo 120 Amp Breaker
    1 Point Weather Resistant Control BoxEZ Valve/Coil Combo120 Amp Breaker
    This is the Standard Control Box(Gen. 2) for Single Point and Slave Systems. This Weather Resistant Controller (Rated IP65) has 2 push buttons for cylinder operation, a long wire harness and a lock & key safety mechanism (with two keys)....

    This Valve/Coil combo is a replacement for each corner jack on all EZ systems(both manual & automatic central pump systems). The only requirement is that it is an Oildyne/Parker Pump motor, this does not work for MTE or Monarch central pump systems.

    Four & Two Pump Breaker




    Square Leg Footpad 10" Footpad (Round Legs) 12 Volt Solenoids (One pair)
    Square Leg Footpad10" Footpad (Round Legs)12 Volt Solenoids (One pair)

    Square Leg Footpad Square Leg Pivoting Footpad, will work for all square legs that do not have a fixed foot (welded plate to the inside tube). Assembly comes with the 1" pin & retaining rings.

    10" Footpad (Round Legs) The standard footpad for our Quad Pump systems. With each footpad will come a bolt and a nut to fit the current style cylinders and retro-fit the previous style cylinders. So this is truly a universal 100 square inch footpad!

    These 12 volt solenoids are what we use on all of our systems. Includes 2 solenoids and a copper jumper.




    EZ Tank Cover (135) Limit Switch Assembly 2ft QE3/Square Leg Weld-On Bracket
    EZ Tank Cover (135)Limit Switch Assembly 2ftQE3/Square Leg Weld-On Bracket
    EZ Tank Cover Tank cover for EZ Tank Assembly (135). Measurements: 11.75" wide x 14.5" tall x 6" deep. Installs with one self-tapping screw in center into reservoir & one or two on each side from tab (pump & screws not included).

    Complete Limit Switch Assembly: - Ball Switch - Clevis Pin - 2 ft Extension - Proper Wire Connections (attaches to jack, and wires connect to system wire harness & ground)

    QE3/Square Leg Weld-On Bracket This is the weld-on mounting bracket for all QE3 (24k-lb) cylinders AND for all Square Leg 4 Point Systems.




    Deep Long Bracket Inside Mount Bracket Long Standard Bracket
    Deep Long BracketInside Mount BracketLong Standard Bracket

    This deep long bracket is one of our strongest brackets due to the increased lateral strength from its depth, long design allows for the cylinder to be mounted lower or give it increased backing strength for the large applications.

    This weld-on mounting bracket's unique design mounts to the inside of most frame rails. Most of the time this bracket is used in the rear of Ford Class C/B motorhomes. For use with all 8k & QEI cylinders.

    Weld-on mounting bracket for all 8k, QEI & QEII cylinders. This low profile bracket helps with tight clearances from the frame to a storage box or tank, also long design allows for cylinder to be mounted lower on the frame for increased lift....




    3x7 Mounting Bracket Tank Cover (new) Tank Cover (old)
    3x7 Mounting BracketTank Cover (new)Tank Cover (old)

    Weld-on Bracket for mounting round leg jacks to your coach. This bracket is usually found on the front of Ford Class C/B motorhomes & the rear of 5th Wheels. But this bracket accommodates for many applications.

    Tank Cover (new) Tank cover for plastic reservoir tank assemblies. Measurements: 9" wide x 12 1/2" tall x 5 3/4" deep. Installs with two self-tapping screws (not included). Cover is made of plastic. NO SLOTTank Cover (old) Tank cover for steel reservoir tank assemblies. (not EZ) Measurements: 8 1/4" wide x 12 1/2" tall x 5 3/4" deep. Installs with two self-tapping screws (not included). Cover is made of plastic. NO SLOT




    Standard Bracket JIC Elbow Fitting
    Standard BracketJIC Elbow Fitting

    This is our standard bracket, simple 7x7 size that is low profile for those tight spaces between the frame and a storage box or tank. This bracket fits all 8k & QEI cylinders.

    Standard elbow fitting on all cylinders, works with all current style hoses (flex line).