2019 and up Mercedes Sprinter Platinum Leveling
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2019 and up Mercedes Sprinter Platinum Leveling

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Platinum Leveling System

2007-2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Cutaway (chassis year not RV model year)

Introducing our patented vehicle specific leveling system. Designed for specific vehicles and their leveling system application (cylinder size, frame & ride height, etc.)

Quick, one touch operation that automatically deploys the jacks to bring the front level* with the rear and stabilizes the entire vehicle in just over 30 seconds!

On the fly manual adjustment feature that allows you to quickly operate each cylinder individually or in pairs.

All-Up safety feature signals if one or more of the cylinders are not fully retracted before you drive off.

Four powder coated cylinders made at our facility rated to lift 8,000 pounds per cylinder.*

Weatherproof hydraulic power unit, each with an American made marine pump & motor wrapped in a steel housing, allows the unit to be mounted outside in the elements so it does not take up storage space.

All necessary components and hardware for a complete installation!

This fits most RV's built on the Sprinter chassis, just make sure you order the correct kit based off your chassis year built, not RV model year.

Will NOT fit Airstream models, if you have a Leisure Travel Unity please call.

This kit is designed for Class-C motorhomes built on the chassis cab only.  They do NOT fit the camper vans.  If you have a camper van built on the Mercedes van chassis, check out our Sprinter Class-B Camper Van systems or call Quadra for details.

*System is designed for operation with the rear tires on the ground. Front tires may leave the ground in order to level which is normal, but the rear tires are to maintain ground contact while the front leveling cylinders are extended.

**This system does not have an inclinometer and does not read a level plane like the Bigfoot Automatic Leveling System.

***Our Sprinter System Brackets and Cylinders are compatible with 2007 and newer chassis' only.

****System kit received may vary from the above image.  Refer to the installation manual.

Increase your systems lift height & footpad diameter with a set of SnapPads! (#M27807-4)

Need to extend your Hydraulic Hoses?  Call and order a Hydraulic Hose Extension Kit! (#M52190)

UNITED STATES PATENTED PRODUCT: #10,821,944, #10,759,396 & #10,093,286

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