2 Point Dual Standard Landing Gear
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2 Point Dual Standard Landing Gear

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2 Point, Dual Pump, 12,000 lb Square Leg Jacks that can be used on any Horse, Cargo, Heavy Equipment, or Open Trailer, Bumper-Pull or Gooseneck. 

The 35" overall length in the retracted position has 24" of travel.

The Dual Pump enables you to level the trailer from side to side. 

This unit has the Standard Control option with a Weather Resistant Control Box. (Rated IP65)

Steel jack top cap and pump assembly cover keep components protected and look sharp with black gloss powdercoat to match the jack and pump housing.

Comes complete with hardware, mounting brackets, hydrualic line, fittings, battery cable and breaker. You only need to supply two quarts of ATF Dexron III.

Pump comes standard mounted to the front of the jack, but it can also be remote mounted. 

Please contact us with any questions.

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